Just like countless extraordinary nonprofits, Sowers began with an uncompromising principle: Help make a difference!

As an entrepreneur and creator Shevon L. Sampson envisioned forming an organization that could bring valuable services to communities. These services would be both transparent and measurable with an unwavering effort to carry out this principle, seeds were sown, and Sowers was born.

Formerly known as First Impression Teen Society, this team of empowerment has been serving the community on a grassroots level since it’s inception. Sowers has played a vital role in providing services to the Los Angeles and Riverside communities, that are paramount to the strength and vitality of its citizens.

“Sowers is a true blessing to the community.”

The following are annual activities sowers has been involved since it’s inception:

  • Provide blankets and socks to local homeless populations.
  • Developed a successful summer reading program for teens.
  • Facilitated access to cost-free hair styling and cosmetic bags, in collaboration with local homeless shelters for battered women and retail salons.
  • Created fundraising campaign for toys, to donate to local foster children.
  • Hosts a annual esteem-builder day, where we provided free custom-made full cranial prosthesis/hair loss treatments to women and children suffering from hair loss due to sickness or disease.